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Professional digital product service platform
The open platform of Jiazhiyi

Jiazhiyi open platform is a comprehensive platform which integrates all kinds of services from Jiazhiyi network. The supplier and buyer could traded digital products on the platform.Jiazhiyi Network provides digital product trading interface(API)survives,provide data services for partner,help cooperator cash the flow

Cooperators can share various service interfaces of the Jiazhiyi platform,realize the integration of real-time trading of digital products, improve trading efficiency and user experience of the system, and achieve win-win cooperation.

Supply and Purchase (Bulk purchase and supply)
Service of API(Digital product trading interface)
Concurrent process 100000+ trading messages per 3 seconds
Our platform has 148 trading rules to solve the security question
D+0 instant cash withdrawal,graded credit service
More than 2 billion big data accumulation,7x24 hours customer service
Improve the interaction experience by consuming user's point
Increase the frequency of partner who cooperate with us
Improve the payment rate of the partner's platform
Help partner flow realization,cooperation and participation in profit
Technical Advantage
Product Advantage
Sale Advantage
Service Advantage
Compatibility: Ensure the transaction of both supplier and buyer through connected their ports by its own interface protocol
Security:To ensure the CC protective effect,we adopt the cloud concept , distributed storage,multi-directional encryption,multi-dimensional protective configuration
Stable:Adopting domestic BGP multi-line node disaster recovery technology, intelligent optimal path, second-level response, second-level fault migration when single node fails, reliable and stable
Intelligent:To improved fault tolerance rate,we adopt big data to assist the decision,and artifical intelligence intervened in parallel,both of which supported tens of billions of annual trading volume in parallel
Jiazhiyi opening platform currently has more than 10000 types of product to supply,we have the solution which come from stable source of goods to complete operational technology.Jiazhiyi opening platform helps partner to complete digital products trading ecological chain by one-stop,help traditional enterprises digital transformation,ultimately help enterprises profit,win-win cooperation
To introduce more buyers,we protect the price advantage of the platform,reduce the commission
Through digital products trading API to in-depth cooperate with hundreds of apps,and open the entrance of interactive entertainment recharge on its terminal,to export products
7X24 hours customer service team guarantees,Senior technical team all-day service
7X24 hours intelligence customer service team ,professional manual customer service to ensure after-sales service
7X24 hours financial service team ,D+0 instant cash withdrawal, improve customer capital utilization
Provide different levels of credit service to solve short-term funding gaps for customers and help platform customers to avoid daily supply and supply.
Platform Provide
Provide the digital products trading platform for both buyer and supplier  (2000+ active suppliers, providing more than 500 categories)
Protect the Benefit
To protect the interests of both buyer and supplier,we synthesize the regional price imbalance and make them formate the price difference
Provide products for APP which bring their flows and provide a new mode for traffic realization.(Integrate platform resources and export them to APP/ website to realize their traffic realization)