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create the most professional digital product trading platform

Shanxi Jiazhiyi network technology co., LTD was established in 2015, the registered capital of 14 million yuan. It is located at No. 1106, Starling Valley Venture Park, 69 Jinye Road, Xi'an High-tech Zone. The company takes creating the most professional digital product trading platform as its vision (including game entertainment, video and audio, knowledge payment, life services, telecommunication recharge, etc.) to provide a full set of solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. We are committed to making transactions between enterprises more digital, secure and convenient.At present, A round of 100 million yuan financing has been completed.


Since the opening of "nine hundred SUP system", the digital product trading platform developed by the company in 2016, the trading volume has been increasing month by month, with the monthly trading volume reaching 1.2 billion yuan/month. The platform has more than 2,000 free trading for mining party, now ranks among the top three in the industry. In 2017, the trading volume reached 5.2 billion yuan, and in 2018, the trading volume exceeded 10 billion yuan. The company launched its listing in due course.



Based in xi 'an, jiayi takes a global view, reconstructs the digital product transaction mode, and promotes the transformation and development of traditional industries to digitalization. The company will take the digital product trading platform as the carrier, create the digital economic ecology, and become the largest digital product trading platform in the industry. In addition, it has established API cooperative relationship with global Internet giants and completed the responsibilities of digital product transaction service providers in the entire Internet system. Lead suppliers, platforms, traders and demanders to form the industrial chain of digital production and trade, provide technical support and transaction guarantee for supply and demand parties of the industrial chain, and escort the development of the entire industrial chain.



On August 13, 2018, Beijing marketing center of jiayi network technology co., LTD was formally established. The company will take this opportunity to base itself in Beijing, optimize resource allocation, and expand its business to all parts of the world from a global perspective.


Our Vision Create the most professional digital product trading platform

Our mission Provide a full range of solutions for SMEs

Our values Innovation and efficiency、Honesty and dedication、Dedicated and rigorous、Happy and tough.、Create Mutual win

Strive for goals Make transactions between enterprises more digital, safe and convenient

The most secure trading platform for digital products in all categories